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We have decided to enroll dd in a private school next year. They want a transcript or standardized testing. I'm not making up grades. I didn't keep them, because she corrects everything to 100% and she's only in 2nd and I didn't know it was necessary. I thought every school would just test her and be done.


We focus on math and reading and writing and do the rest by... Interest? Opportunity? So, should I:


1. List museums and travel? ( they've been to San Francisco, Monterey, Washington D.C, Dallas, San Antonio, Colorado twice, maybe more when I sit down with dh to think...) All in the last two years. And the museum list would be extensive.


2. Include her reading list? Her reading would be very appropriate for her age, although, mostly fun. Like "Flat Stanley.". My goal this year was to get her reading chapter books independently and to get her hooked on reading.


3. Include our read-aloud list?


4. How do I describe our method of reading lots of science/ history books, but with no particular order.


5. Should I list my background? I have an engineering degree and taught science and math. dh thinks it would impress them.


They were very nice, but non-homeschoolers have a different mentality about transcripts and testing. :)

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