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Cursive Handwriting: Does this paper/font style exist?


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Some ideas:


1) take a pen and a ruler and draw in the top lines in the workbook. :)


2) use StartWrite software ($30 at RR) to make your own handwriting pages. It has the HWT fonts, and you can do any configuration of lines that you want.


If I wanted what you're looking for, I'd probably do a combo of the two. :)

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I have StartWrite for Mac. I didn't realize I could use the HWT font and make different lines???:confused: I'll have to check this out later. Thanks!


Yeah, just turn on the top line. :) I think it defaults to just the two bottom lines when you select that font, but then you can turn on the top line, change the style of the lines, etc. (I've only used the demo, and it's been a couple months since I used it, but I remember playing with lines some)

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