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Wee Alert recommendations?

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We used the Potty Pager. Worked great! It took about a week. We bought it for DS#2 when he was about 4. We used it again for DS#3 when he was 3. Then we had to use it again for DS#2 a few years later when he started wetting again (later found out he has many food allergies--may be related).


ETA: Just went to the PP website. Wow! $75? I think it was only about $45 when we bought ours, but that about 8+ years ago.

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We used the Dri Sleeper. DD was 7 at the time and we felt we had to conquer the problem after not one single dry night. It worked wonders. It's cordless, so we/she had to get up out of the bed to cross the room to turn off the alarm. Actually our circumstances were unique in that we had moved my in laws in with us for a time in order to help my mil with knee surgery, so I was sleeping upstairs anyways. I had the monitor in her room, and when the alarm went off I went and got dd to help her. There's tons of info online about different alarms and how to make it successful, but pm me if you'd like more info. It took about 6 weeks but a lot of that was just still using it after the initial success to make sure it "stuck".


Good luck!

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