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CPO Science Question

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For the middle school texts, I think the usual progression is Earth (6th), Life (7th) and Physical (8th). In previous messages, some have commented that the Earth text seems easier than the other two.


From the FAQ on the Contact Us section of CPO's Web Page:


Q: What grade level are your materials appropriate for?

A: Because the primary mode of instruction in CPO Science programs is through investigation and hands-on experiments, the textbook serves to support learning as students create meaning and understanding from classroom experience. Reading level index measurements do not take this into account. Therefore, when evaluating this program for grade level appropriateness, please keep in mind that the reading level index score should not be the sole indication of grade level appropriateness.

CPO Science Middle School Earth Science

CPO Science Middle School Life Science

CPO Science Middle School Physical Science

Physics A First Course: Grades 8-10

Foundations of Physical Science: Grades 8-10

Foundations of Physical Science with Earth and Space Science: Grades 8-10

Foundations of Physics: Grades 10-12 and non-physics-major college students

CPO Science Supplemental Curriculum Resource Guides and Equipment Modules are appropriate for all students in grades 6-12. Three levels of investigations (A, B, and C) provide students of all ability levels with challenging activities. Level A: Grades 6-8; Level B: Grades 8-10; Level C: Grades 11-12+

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