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Today is our 26th wedding anniversary...

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Of course I was just a babe barely out of diapers when we married...


DH had to work late-- so I've fixed him his favorite dinner and I'm waiting for him to get home so we can eat together (and probably chill to some TV)... middle dd volunteered to watch youngest dd Saturday so we can go out on an extended date:party: It won't be overnight-- but imagine 6 hours without children!!!!


I had a great MATURE conversation with my 20 yr old this morning-- and then I remembered that my youngest will turn 9 on Friday... and then I looked in the mirror and noticed way too many silver high lights (in my copper-brown hair-- silver clashes you know...)... so I booked an appointment with my stylist... at least I can keep control of something in my life!

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Congratulations! You are 3.5 years ahead of us.


I know what you mean about those little wisps of silver/white. I am dishwater blond naturally and went with blond highlights before dh and I celebrated our last anniversary. I am happy with the result because it blends very well. When new whities come in, I can't really see them. Dh is 46.5 and still nary a white or gray hair on his head. Lucky guy!


Hope your date is "fantabulous!".



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