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TT to Saxon which level?


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Dd10 is finishing up TT5. I am thinking of putting her into Saxon. Which level would she move to? I picked up the 7/6 book at a yard sale because it was free. Would this be possible? I am thinking of using the Art Reed dvd's someone posted. I am pretty sure I won't be able to afford TT6 so this would be a huge help. What do you think?

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My son is on lesson 9 of Saxon 7/6 (right now as I type actually) and he did TT5 and about 2/3rd of TT6. I would say there wasn't much in 6 that he didn't really know. He took the Saxon placement test and easily placed into 7/6 and he's doing really well.


I recently posted about Art's DVDs which I'm using to teach me how to present the lessons to my son. I could just have him watch Art, but what he missed when using TT was the time with me as his teacher, so I'm happy to oblige him in this area. I love teaching math so it's been great fun.


I would also 2nd the advice to call Art if you're not sure, or even email him. He responds to emails within 1 day as well, and is a fountain of great advice.


I think 7/6 is a great place to jump in, so far the review at the beginning has been great for my son to help jog his memory, but they also covered order of operations which he never remembered learning in TT5 or TT6. Like I said we've only just started but it's going really well. Not too hard, but challenging enough that he's not bored.

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