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We are presently using NEM and are very happy with it. However, I am concerned about not covering algebra and geometry thoroughly enough for my child to be college ready. Will it be enough or should I find a stand-alone algebra and geometry program to go alongside the NEM?

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and someone was nice enough to post how it correlates to typical courses:


Pre-Algebra: PM6, NEM1, chapters 1-4

Algebra I: NEM1, Chapters 5-8, NEM2, Chapters 1-7, and 12-14

Geometry: NEM1, Chapters 9-14, NEM2, Chapters 8-11

Algebra II: NEM3, Chapters 1-6 some of NEM4

Adv Math/Trig: NEM3, chapters 7-13, NEM4 Chapters 1-4 (PreCalc)


I haven't used it; so YYMV.



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My oldest son used NEM through 3B/4A. At that time we decided to go with the concurrent college course option and enroll him in college algebra in fall of his junior year. He had only begun 4A so to be truthful, it probably didn't do much for him. But he did fine in college algebra and all his subsequent courses. He ended up completing through calculus 1 as a concurrently enrolled high schooler. He has continued on with calculus and differential equations in his college major without problems - in fact, he's the "go to" guy when his friends have problems.


I think NEM is fine preparation for college level maths. One does need to complete at least through the 3rd level, though, IMO. My youngest is using NEM now as well (middle 2 sons had other issues so we went with other programs) and should be finished with NEM 3 by his junior year.

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