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Memory work?

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I'm wondering for how long you have your logic aged students continue to recite memory work from early years? He remembers it easily, but it is starting to stack up! Also, I still have a grammar student, so right now he just recites along with her. As she moves up, I'm wondering if I should start to drop the early stuff for the sake of time. Especially early poems.

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How do you rotate your memory work?


We use the folder system with Today, Monday-Friday, then 1-31. Each day they have 3-6 to recite (whatever is behind the corresponding files). The older stuff they only do once a month, or even every two months if it falls on a weekend.


I do get rid of the old ones occasionally, but some of those are thier favorites and they like to keep them.

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We use that system, too. I modified it a bit so that instead of 1-31 we have a four week rotation of Monday - Friday to avoid the weekends for the monthly work. If there are five weeks in a month then we get a break.


I guess it's not that we have a huge amount on any one day, but I'm thinking ahead to the future. Thanks for your experience; I have a feeling my kids will not want to lose their favorites, either, now that I think about it.

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