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Can anyone recommend a balanced book to explain liberal vs. conservative to dd11?

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Is there any such thing? :)


Has anyone tried the Uncle Eric book-"Are you Liberal? Conservative? Confused?"

The reviews on Amazon don't seem to think it is balanced.


We are WAY on one end of the spectrum but I want to help her at least understand the other viewpoint-what their beliefs are that they think are valid so she doesn't see them as the "enemy" but as human beings standing behind what they believe is valid.


Thanks for any help!



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No, the Uncle Eric books really aren't balanced.


Unfortunately, I don't have a good book to recommend in its place. We always used current events, talking, 'why might they believe that', etc.


I would also add that many, many people I know don't follow either liberal/conservative party line strictly and aren't quite sure what to call themselves, being somewhat in both camps.

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I would agree with kiana and say that current events and government happenings are a wonderful way to discuss these subjects. My son and I have our best discussions in the car, and it usually revolves around things like that.


Some people might call us fence riders, but I'm always cautious about being "strictly" anything. We talk about common sense, moral responsibility, and accountability in our decision making, not about if it's conservative or liberal. I think your beliefs in the home will influence and teach any child far more than any book ever could.


I say all of this because I think it would be VERY difficult to find a book that didn't have the author's own personal slant included along with the text! Just my humble opinion.

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I think that you might be better served to match up a couple books that represent each side of the discussion. I don't know that you would find one title that would represent such a passionate topic without tipping the scales one way or another.


On the conservative side, I like Thomas Sowell. Vision of the Annointed might be an ok length. Victor Davis Hanson has some good columns, but I can't think of one off the top of my head that summarizes the essense of conservatism. There are often good essays on National Review's website.


Reason.com might represent the libertarian side. John Stossel's pieces often appear on Reason, but I'm not sure if he would consider himself libertarian or conservative or something else.


I'm sure that you can get good input for the liberal side of things as well.

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There are often good essays on National Review's website.


Ooh, this makes me think that you might do better with magazines that analyze current topics, comparing articles from various publications.


The Nation, Mother Jones, and The Progressive are good sources for liberal/progressive thought, but as you probably know, liberal/progressive does not always mean they agree w/ the Democratic party, and vice versa. :)

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