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primary sources w/struggling readers?

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My 5th grader is dyslexic (4th grade reading level), and my 6th and 8th graders aren't stellar readers either. My 8th grader has a language disorder (and I suspect CAPD), so understanding content can be really tricky for him, even when the material is read to him (his issue is with language in general, not only reading).


However, I want them to start using primary sources so they can analyze them like WTM recommends. THIS can be tricky since, let's face it, the primary sources are written on a level WAY above them.


Have you had this sort of situation? How have you handled it? Do you just read the primary sources to your students? Do you sit there and pick it apart and explain everything?


Or do you just not even bother with primary sources if the kids don't understand them?:glare:

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