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Update on DS's speech

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I posted several months back about DS's speech and whether or not I should have him evaluated. Here we are 3-4 months later and he didn't appear to be making any progress, so EI came to evaluate him today.


It really wasn't a surprise to me, but he qualified. He will be 20 months on the 5th and scored at 13 months (for communcation) on one of the tests and 9-12 months on the other communication test.


The ladies that came out were fantastic! They both felt that he was smart, and that his cognitive abilities were pretty on par. However, his expressive communication is definitely way behind. Though, there were some cognitive abilities he couldn't do (I knew that too). He can't/won't point to a picture of a familiar thing (dog, ball, etc) when asked. He can't match pictures to identical pictures on a card. He understands "in" but not "on".


Anyway, they want a teacher to come out and evaluate him sometime in the next week (in addition to the 2 evaluators that came today). Then, in about 2 weeks we'll all sit down and develop our plan of action and goals. I just wanted to say "thank you" to all who encouraged me to go ahead and have him checked out. I'm not at all surprised at the outcome and am actually very anxious to start making some progress!

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We had a similar diagnosis when my little guy was 24 months. He had no words other than Mama, and never babbled or mouthed toys or any of the other oral things that babies usually do. Anyway, he is now 3 1/2, and is totally caught up and on track. He graduated from speech in November. :hurray:


I was really hesitant initially about putting him in a speech program, but it ended up being a great experience. He looked forward to it every week, and I learned what we needed to do at home to help him along. Good luck on your journey!

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