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This is why I want to homeschool!!!


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This morning we are having another snow day so we were doing a little bit of pre-K at home. I got out our Little Stories for Little Folks book for the first time. They have strips you cut out with phenomes (I guess that is what they are called) and other strips of consonants. So...there were ad, an and at today. Then we moved the strips of consanants and DS4 was able to sound out words. He was so excited about it that he didn't want to quit doing it. It was like a light bulb went off in his head and he realized that there was a trick to learning how to read. He was so proud and can't wait until Daddy comes home for lunch to show him his new words.


He has been learning "sight words" in pre-K this year and it is driving me crazy because he won't even try to read a word that he doesn't know from school. Now he is all excited about it. This is exactly why I want to homeschool (other than the fact that God led me to this decision). I was so nervous about teaching my kids to read. It seemed so daunting to someone with no formal training. But this is what homeschooling is all about...seeing that light go on and your child excited about learning! I love it!

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