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K and 2nd grade plans - mind taking a look?


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Here's our plans for Kindergarten and second grade. I'd appreciate anyone's feedback as far as suggestions of what's missing etc.



Reading - Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears

Math - Saxon K

History/Geography - Galloping the Globe (along with big sis)

Science - follow along with big sis as interested in God's Design for Life (AIG)


Second Grade:

Spelling - Spelling Workout B

Grammar - First Language Lessons

Reading - Ordinary Parents Guide (should finish up about half way)

Writing - Writing With Ease 2

Math - Saxon 2

History/Geography - GtG

Science - God's Design

Foriegn Language - dh wants to do Spanish, so we'll be looking at curriculums at the convention

Art/Music - Art Pacs from Rod and Staff; Piano Lessons

Typing -

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Your K curriculum plan looks almost exactly like mine for next year, so it's nice to have some reassurance that I'm on the right track. We're going to start SotW 1 & HO Ancients level 1, with the intention of making HO last through 1st grade as well, so we can just take it easy with that & follow any tangents DS wants to go off on. And we're going to do random science experiments from a few books we have & several special science days at COSI (the local science center). Otherwise, my plan looks exactly the same!

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