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Veterans of Classical Conversations: where are the kiddos now?

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Ok, I am considering Classical Conversations for next year. I am curious to know how you think CC affected your child's schooling. If you want to answer a few of the questions, I would LOVE it! :confused:


1. Have they excelled with the memorized material?

2. Did they forget it all?

3. Have they developed a good understanding of latin?

4. How are they doing in high school and college?

5. If you had it to do over again, would you do CC again?

6. Do you think it would be beneficial to use this material at home (just the memory work and some of the curriculum...not the foundations book)?

7. Did the kid's enjoy being apart of CC?

8. What should be my expectations coming into it?

9. How were you able to afford all of the expensive curriculum (other than WTMF)?


Thank you for your time!



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I hope you find the answers you want here :) Many do CC but I haven't heard from a lot of people after... It's fairly new... and to go all the way through.... well Challenge III and IV are pretty much just starting to happen at a large level.

I love it.... for my son... He's in the younger part... I like it a lot for the focus on Geography and the interaction between the kids for the Challenge program. The latin hasn't been as strong as when my Type A mom with only 4 kids and one other adult went through it. (Not for lack on the tutor's part..) You have to STUDY latin... and most just aren't up for that. When my mom taught... she studies an hour or more a day.... for three years... and the kids were expected to study... and do their lessons... and study their flashcards....

The Foundations Book is what you use for the memory work and such... but you're thinking of the younger kids program.... (ages 4-12)

My son loves all the memory work... probably wouldn't as much if he didn't get to "play" at CC :)

He can relate things he's learned.. as we're learning during school "hours" or out of "school".... :)

On my way out... so sorry I can't proof and such..


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