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Has anyone in Texas taken Dual Credit from stateu.com?


I have never heard of this before until last night. I went to a home school college night and the admissions person from Universtiy of Texas-Arlington was talking about them.


I sat in on one talk about preparing your homeschooler for college. I have to say most of the information was not new to me because of all you wonderful people who take the time to share your knowledge and wisdom on these boards.




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The classes are either 8 weeks or 15 weeks. They are all taken online from either University of Texas Arlington or Lamar University and will gaurantee to transfer to any Texas Public University.


I really don't know much more. I don't know anyone who has done them either.


They can be taken any time after your sophmore year, including the summer between your sophmore and junior year.


I may pose the question on my local homeschooling message board to see about someone with first hand experience.



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