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What well known person would you like to know more about?

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I need to do a study for my psychology class of a well-known figure. The point of the study is to look at both genetic influences and environmental/societal influences that may have affected his or her upbringing.


Our professor used Caroline Kennedy as today's example. So far I can think of just a few, and I need to make some suggestions to my group (yes, a dreaded *group* project:glare:).


The suggestions so far include Oprah Winfrey & Jay Leno. The subject doesn't have to be a celebrity, but enough background on his childhood should be available to make a good profile.


I keep thinking of people like CS Lewis and Winston Churchill. Margaret Thatcher. Harper Lee. Amy Carmichael. George Washington Carver. Abraham Lincoln. Sting and Bruce Springsteen come to mind, mostly because they are songwriters who speak to political/humanitarian circumstances with their music.


My (younger!) classmates would prefer to study Michael Jackson and Barak Obama. I need a couple of compromise names to offer. I think they're going to want someone a bit more... contemporary!


Who would you choose?

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Nelson Mandela - his biography was fascinating.

Bill Gates


It might be interesting to look at someone really young that did something interesting. Can't think of names here, but there was the guy that went and lived alone in Alaska and died there, or the guy that live with bears (that one ended badly too), or the Australian teenager that recently sailed solo around the world.


From a psychology point of view, I think choosing a young person might be more interersting, as there has been less time for a variety of influences, so the influences that have been at play will have had a more dramatic impact.

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The Facebook guy, Mark Zuckerman or the Google guys?

I have always been fascinated with the Tiger Woods family and story even prior to all the mess he got himself into which is part of his story too, I guess. THe whole upbringing, mixed culture family etc. But, I doubt young college kids would give a hoot about that! Sounds like a fun project.

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Jim Henson

Frank Oz

Steven Spielberg

George Lucas

Mr. Rogers




All of these would be great, but Jim Henson would be really interesting. He was so creative! The Muppet Show can go from side splitting hilarious to downright poingant in seconds. And some of his creatures were so bizarre. That would be an interesting brain to pick.

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Yes, I do believe I will enjoy learning more about him.


After considering a list of suggestions submitted by all group members, my personal first choice was Tiger Woods. I am not a huge fan of Woods, but I believe that all the various influences on his life, and the resultant behaviors, would make a very interesting case study. I will study him if there's another case study assignment later in the semester.

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