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X-Post: Confused about weighting grades

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I found a downloadable gradebook for Excel, but I am having trouble weighting the grades.


For example, in math, I would like a test to be worth double a worksheet. Would I make possible points on a test 200 points, and possible points on a worksheet 100?


Or what if I wanted tests worth 70% and worksheets worth 30%.


Would I have 100 possible points for everything and then when I did a worksheet multiply the grade on that by .3?


I'm really confused. I know engrade and homeschoolskedtrack weight grades for you, but I really don't like them. I would prefer to use the downloadable one, I'm just confused about the weighting.



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I mean, I could just record all grades out of 100, and then at the end of the term just multiply the average of tests by 40% and the average of work by 60%, but I wanted one quick way to do it.


This is somewhat how I do it, except that I record individual grades out of whatever number the total points possible were. I make Excel sheets for each course, and I enter formulas for the weighting of the grades. It adds each category, finds the average, and then multiplies it by the percent, finally adding those numbers up to the total grade for the course. As I enter grades throughout the year, it updates the total grade.


So, if they have a 25/25, 28/30, and 40/50 for homework (40%); a 40/45 on a paper (20%); and a 67/70 and 65/70 on the midterm and final (40%), it would be...


1. Computes (25+28+40)/(25+30+50) and multiplies it by the weight... 93/105=.8857... multiply 89x.4=35.6

2. Repeats with each category... 35.6, 17.8, 37.6

3. Adds totals of each category and puts them over 100 for final grade. So, 91 out of 100, or 91%.


This is how my professors always show the process, so it's what I do. :)

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