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Ds5 knows negative numbers and I didn't know it!


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Ds5 was doing subtraction in his MM 1A book today and the worktext began to explain that you cannot take 5 away from 3 since you only have three... he looked at me and said, "Yes you can! It would be negative two." LOL.:lol: He must have picked that up from his older siblings.


Don't you love when they take you by surprise!

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Ha! My 6 year old knows about negative numbers from me, and when we came to that section, his reaction was pretty similar. I had to tell him to pretend he didn't know about them yet. :D


I'm sure my other kids will learn from him. I think he already tried to tell the 4 year old about them, but he's still learning basic counting (he goes to 10 so far).

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