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Beautiful Feet Medieval History and Early Am & World History

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Hi, I'm looking for reviews of Beautiful Feet's jr high history programs -- Medieval and Early Am & World History. I'm thinking of doing these with my son who loves to read and prefers to learn independently. He's been doing Mystery of History 2 this year and he remembers the facts but it is not really sparking an interest in history as I had hoped. Maybe a literature approach will help things feel a bit more real to him and make it interesting?



Other suggestions are welcome too! Thanks!

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I cannot review the Medieval from BF, but we are going to be using the Ancient History next year for my son (who loves to read but hates to write), and we have used BF in the past. The essay questions are not that problematic, especially for the middle grades. They are not looking for long reports just a paragraph or two to explain what they are asking. Most of the work is utilizing a wide range of resources...dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, or the equivalent online as well as the books they have the child read. I did not find the weeks worth of work to be overly much that a boy who likes to read but hates to write will complain. The resulting notebook created by one of the BF classes is great and littered with a wide range of skills...mapping, writing, drawing, labeling diagrams, timelines, and so on.


Another thing, as for the work, you as the teacher can determine how much or how little you expect from your child. Example...if they ask your child to draw a map of the Nile river and place the great pyramids on the map, you might decide a simple pencil drawing with a line for the river and 3 dots labeled for the pyramids to be sufficient or a colored detailed map with pyramids drawn or a printed cop from a map site your child labels and glues in his notebook. All three show the childs knowledge of where the great pyramids are in relation to the Nile River which the activity was meant to show. I found that for my son, I would vary what I wanted from him so that his notebook would have a wide range of skills being displayed.

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