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Help me Plan a family trip to D.C.

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A could of months ago our family stayed at the Capital Hyatt. This hotel was within walking distance of the mall, supreme court, capital and union station. Make sure you visit your congress persons office to get tour passes and if the house or senate is in session you can obtain gallery passes only from your congress person. Also visit the monuments and smithsonian museums. My kids especially loved air and space.

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We were there this summer. We rented a house in Alexandria and drove in each day, so I can't help you on the hotel question.


My kids' favorites were the Air & Space Museum, the Washington Monument, Natural History Museum and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Mount Vernon is a short drive away, and that was very worthwhile.

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We have decided to take a family trip to D.C. the second week of April. We have a family of 4(2adults & 2kids ages 8&6.5) We are looking for a resonable hotel that's close by all most museums and the zoo. Any suggestions would be nice. Also wanted to know some of the favorite places to go with kids?




Are you sure you want to go then? We were going in late April (which is better than early April,) but gave up and changed to early July based on the lack of decent hotel spots and warnings from many (including the kind ladies here) about crowds.


I searched through these boards when I started planning, and there are many threads here about D.C. The latest one was the one in which I asked for ideas and recieved some great help.

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