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Calculus Precalculus or Trig

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Ok, I just realized that Chalkdust offers a Trigonometry course. I already have the Precalculus course. I found a complete set with the DVD's for 75 bucks, so I grabbed it a couple of years ago. As I look to try and figure it out, someone said the Precalculus was College Algebra and Trig combined.. So if he is doing the Chalkdust Elementary and Intermediate combined course this year, is some of the same material in Precalculus??? That may actually be fine, because it looks like it takes some kids a year and a half to do the course. So if it is familiar, he may be able to do it faster. So should he do the Precalc course or the Trig course?



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CD's website (FAQs) says Elementary Algebra is equivalent to Algebra I, and Intermediate to Algebra II. If this is what your student has done, I believe that only the first chapter of Precalculus is a review of Algebra II. It may be listed as "Chapter P" for "Prerequisites," but I am not positive about that. Anyway, the rest of the course, for my daughter at least, has been new material.


My understanding from talking to Dana Mosely is that Precalculus includes Trig plus college algebra, which is sometimes referred to as Algebra III. The Trig course is intended for the future humanities major who does not need precalculus; the Precalculus course is significantly more advanced.


Hope that helps.



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