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Need make-your-own handwriting sheets for HWT


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abcteach.com has the HWT font and you can turn anything you want in to a handwriting sheet, BUT you have to be a member. You can also buy the font here http://www.educationalfontware.com/ , but it costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, I don't know of a free one. I got an abcteach membership through the homeschool buyers co-op, but I'm not sure if they are still selling them.

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Startwrite has the font, though they don't advertise it. The have both they print and cursive. The demo will let you print whatever you want until you close the program the first time. After that, you can still use it to make blank handwriting paper. Some of the important letters are disabled at that point.

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I am not sure what HWT level you are at. If you look in the back of some of the teacher guides and/or student workbooks, there are often blank versions of the HWT paper for that level. I have always assumed it was there to be copied. In my Printing Power student book there are several pages of blank HWT writing paper of both the vertical and horizontal type.


In the teacher's guide for printing, there are several blank examples of the HWT paper with the light grey squares.


In my preschool book there is a wonderful page with the patterns for the wood pieces. I made templates, cut them out and traced them onto foam sheets. They have stood up to years of use by my kids.


I know that HWT 'revised' much of their material lately so if you have the new editions, it might not be in there. I always figured they would take the copymasters out sooner or later.


I seem to have accumulated a silly number of teacher's guides over the years. I bought them used along with the workbooks as a package deal. I have noticed some editions have the copymasters and some don't.

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3 Rivers, I have a Start Write C.D. that was given to me by a friend. I will gladly pass it on for postage. It doesn't have the instruction manual, though, and I could never figure it out exactly, but maybe someone else on here could help you with that.


Let me know...


my addy is







Join the whole email together. :)

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