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Ovarian Cancer... Any stories with good endings?

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Hey there!!


I'm curious if there are any good endings with stage III or IV Ovarian Cancer. A certain member of my family, who doesn't want her name out there, has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. If you know us in real life... don't tell her I'm saying anything , please :)


I'm wanting some stories where there might be some hope.... I'm hoping there are at least a couple.


Prayers for her as she goes through chemo and surgery would be awesome!! I'm praying for a miracle through her surgery and chemo.


I'd also like anything you'd offer as far as immune building foods or supplements.



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Here's my story it obviously has a happy ending.


When I was 17 years old I was trying to get into West Point or an Army scholarship so I went down to the military hospital and had a full physical. My blood tests came back strange like I was pregnant which I wasn't. So they ran all kinds of tests and eventually told me to call my parents to come down because they were going to give me a CAT scan and an MRI before they sent me home. I was oblivious to how serious this was at the time and couldn't believe they weren't just sending me home and telling me to make an appointment with my family doctor in the next few weeks. My dad shows up with three of my siblings in tow to get me and by this time it's 6 o'clock at night and I'd been there for about eight hours. They told my dad that there were admitting me and doing surgery in the morning. I don't remember if they knew that it was cancer at that time or not.


The next morning I had surgery and they removed a tumor from each ovaries along with the ovary. One tumor was the size of an orange and the other the size of a grapefruit. The next week I started chemo and spent the rest of my senior year of high school and summer before I started college in chemo but I lived! It was a scary few months but it all ended up well. I don't remember what stage it was that I had but I know that one of the doctors told me that I probably had about two weeks left if they hadn't gotten them removed because they would have likely burst and spread. The details like what stage it was are kind of murky in my head because it's been twelve years now but I know that I was incredibly blessed. It was such a rare disease to happen to someone who was 17 that I still have a hard time believing it all happened. It seems so surreal like it was just a strange dream until I look back at pictures of me that summer wearing a hat all the time because I had lost all my hair.


I always think what would have happened if I had waited until after Spring break for my physical or if any of the doctors had decided that I should just go home and talk to my family doctor. Scary. I am so incredibly blessed.


I'll be praying for your family member. If you want any more details or just want to chat then PM me.

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The lady that I go for for my waxings and facials - her very good friend - don't know her stage - was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Everyone thought it was hopeless. She changed her diet RADICALLY and is now cancer free. Again, I don't know her personally.

A fabulous book - full of practical advice and lots of hope (which we all need) - is The Anti Cancer Book. If I could, I would give this as a gift to everyone.

Solid science. No junk stuff. Couldn't recommend it more.


Here's his site



with the author is also good.


I have lots and lots of tips on cancer overall, and a very few specific ones (really, really short list) for ovarian cancer ... but I realize that most people with cancer really don't want to hear even more advice and tips that they're constantly being flooded with. It's a tough and sensitive time. :grouphug:

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