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What Does One Wear to a National Awards Dinner?

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So last year Molly was asked to write an article for the AKC Gazette about Junior Handling, and life with a rare breed. It was published in the April 2010 issue, and a few months later the AKC decided to submit it for a Dog Writers Association of America award. All submissions have to be reviewed by a panel of 3 judges and nominated, so we didn't think it would make it through that round. Apparently, it did. And we thought it was nominated in the Junior Writers category--- it was judged and nominated in the Editorial Category, (scroll down to category #19) and then cross-nominated in the Junior Writers category.


This afternoon I got a call from the DWAA "requesting Molly's presence at the Awards Dinner and Ceremony" on the Sunday before Westminster at the Affinia Mahattan Hotel. She won something--- don't know which category, but we are stunned.


Of course, Molly and I immediately freaked out about what we would wear!! :001_smile:


She writes about being homeschooled in the article, so I just thought I'd share and say "YAY FOR HOMESCHOOLING!!"



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I did a quick search and while I didn't find pictures, I did see that it's held at the same hotel every year. You could call the hotel and ask them what the event's dress code has been in the past. I would recommend black, demure, but dressy.

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Basically, you need to wear something a bit dressy... but you need to know "how" dressy. Black Tie usually means a tuxe for a man, but it could mean tea-length or long formal for a woman... although cocktail may be appropriate. Don't be afraid of color... "black" is always in style, but there is nothing wrong with a young girl dressing in a color that suits her (I'd probably avoid bright red, but there is nothing wrong with a spft pink, deep purple, soft yellow, sage-green).


Sorry, all of my points of reference are for political affairs, in which case I would be wearing either a long formal or tea-length. I'd wear a cocktail dress if it were a nice dinner party, but not a formal dinner event.


Good places to look are bridesmaid selections ... there are inexpensive dresses that look nice :D



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