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Where are the Latin flashcards I have had for 2 years?

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Under the bookcase? Don't ask me how I know, we'll just say BIG library fine!:glare:


I knew we had taken a book to the library last year but it still showed not in the system. The librarian told me to look under the minivan seats. Said that size book is always under the seats. I thought she was an idiot. :001_huh:


Until I looked and sure enough it was there! :tongue_smilie::lol:

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We just found a Hooked on Phonics reader in our play kitchen. It had been missing for 2 months. I'd checked out HOP K from the library and they refused to turn it in without the book. I'd been scouring ebay and had just ordered a whole new kit to replace that one book for the library 2 days before we finally found it.


We have latin flashcards for LFC. I am always misplacing them. I wish they had made the cards a little bigger.

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Check under the vegetable crisper drawer in the refrigerator. That was where our all time late library book was, so maybe the flashcards have joined it? Or behind the refrigerator, where we once lost the TV remote for a month. Apparently, my kids spend way more time around the refrigerator than I ever guessed...


Hope you find them!

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