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Memory System Success (But Sticky)

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We finally have a memory system that is working for us. The flashcards that came with our Latin program are business card size so I have been making any other flashcards this size also (printing them out on business card paper on the printer) and putting them in business card holder pages that go into a binder. I also have poems and larger things in regular sheet protectors in the binder. I got some of the colored Post-it flags and as I go through a boy's book with them, if they pass it in the daily section, I put a pink flag on the page protector, in the odd/even section a blue flag, etc. That way I can move the cards or page protectors later when we are finished, while I watch a movie or talk on the phone. Before I changed to different colors for different sections if I got interrupted I sometimes couldn't remember what I was moving where. Everything is working out great except for one thing - some of the sticky from the post-it flag sometimes remains on the page protector and the pages are all starting to stick together. Does anyone have any suggestions? How do you keep track of what is being moved? I could take things out as I go but it would slow things down and I am trying to go through the memory work quickly so it doesn't cut into too much of the day. And of course I would have to move it into the right section right then or I might get the daily/every other day/weekly/monthly all mixed up.

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