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Question for Oregon homeschoolers

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My sil is moving to Oregon and she is wondering what kind of programs there are for homeschoolers. Do any school districts offer programs? She will be in the Albany area. Does anyone know of any co-ops or activities there? I heard that Oregon does not have Running Start (tuition-free college for high school juniors and seniors.)



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I don't know what's available in Albany, but there are large active homeschool groups in most large communities.


Oregon must not have Running Start, because I have no idea what that is, lol.


Participation in school district programs varies by school district. Our school district (about 45 min. south) allows homeschoolers to participate in classes as long as the total time at school counts as less than 50% of a school day.



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I don't know of any school district programs for home schoolers. I am going to see if my dd can do band in middle school--I have heard that home schoolers can do this. I will attach a few links that your sister can peruse. The first is for the Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District. Home schoolers need to register with them. They have some stuff on their web page--can't say I've looked too closely, but some resources are listed there.


I know that a Classical Conversations group just started up in Albany this year. I know of a swim and gym group I think at the YMCA. There is a home school group called Corvallis Area Christian Home Educators (CACHE) that includes Albany families (and several other towns in the area). I'll attach the link for the CACHE Yahoo group. CACHE does co-op elective classes each quarter, does an end of year used curricula sale, and someone usually sets up fine arts field trips.





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