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Any missionaries mind to be interviewed?

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Do they have to be overseas?

I have dear friends who are missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ in Ohio. I know they'd be happy to answer your questions.


Dayle in Guatemala might, too.


I don't think it should matter; I just knew there were quite a few here. :001_smile:

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1. Where do you work? I work in Antigua, Guatemala.


2. What is your job? We mostly work with homeless people, bringing them a meal once a week, taking care of medical needs, taking them to rehab when they are ready, working on a Bible study for them. We also lead teams that come down to serve as well as help lead a discipleship training school 5 months a year for students from around the world to come and learn about God, missions, and their role in all of it.


3. What do you like most about your job? I LOVE the people I get to meet.


4. What surprised you most about your work? That I would grow to feel that Guatemala is more my home than the US. Also, that it wouldn't bother me to clean out dirty wounds and be around people who haven't bathed in a while. These things used to bother me, but, now they don't.


If you're more comfortable sending me a pm, that's fine, too. Thank you!!


I just got on and saw this, hope it helps!

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