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What are your kids working on today?

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I thought it would be fun if we all posted what our children's assignments are or what they're working on in homeschooling today.




Right now, my 10yo ds is working on lesson 18 in Saxon Math 6/5. He also needs to work on CLE Language Arts 4 and Writing Skills 5. Today, he'll be starting chapter 24 in Latin for Children A.


Dd (7) is going to be working on CLE Math 204, CLE Language Arts 103 and Writing Skills 2.


I'm going to read chapter 15 in Story of the World to the 10yo, 7yo and 5yo and let them color in the picture that goes with it.


If we get through all that, I'll let the kids practice math and Latin online.

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DS just finished his math test and is working on writing a friendly letter to his grandmother. We'll be doing a science experiment shortly, and then he has a history narration to write and Minimus to enjoy. That's it for today, although I'm sure he'll pepper my eye doctor with questions when I go for my appointment later :lol:

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DS1 (14 years old) does his Advanced Mathematics and Bob Jones English in the mornings.


DS2 (11 years old) is on lesson 11 or somewhere around there of his Saxon 7/8 book. He will also do Easy Grammar and half a lesson of Saxon's Grammar and Writing.


DS3 (7 years old) will work on his Bob Jones 2nd grade math book and also do spelling and English.


At lunch time we sit on the couch and watch some kind of educational documentary while eating.


In the afternoons things get switched up. DS1 works on various things by himself - Biology, World Literature, and Health.


I do science and social studies with the youngest two. The youngest two also read out loud to me.


Then I usually finish up the day by doing History with the oldest two and read a literature selection to them.


Busy, busy, busy......

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John Bible study

Physical Science, reading and questions

Saxon Algebra I

Begin a cause and effect paper on violent video games

find a writing contest to enter



Science: Improve Your survival Skills and questions

Ten Marks Math

Begin writing their own "just so story"


All of them:

Greek and Latin vocab review

read Time for kids article

Read about India

Piano practice

Typing lesson

Listen to Daughter of the Mountains

Woman at the Well Bible study

Read aloud a poem


Then we also have writer's club from 10AM-11:30AM.

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Today is a scheduled project/catch up day.


13dd - photoshop tutorials, sign language practice, start researching and compiling information for her research paper, guitar practice


12ds - photoshop tutorials, practice play lines, digital photography studies, start putting together his newsletter, guitar practice, merit badge class tonight


10dd - practice songs for choir, practice drama, practice karate, art, math, piano practice


Oldest has a huge test at the community college. We have an exchange student we are enjoying in the evenings.

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Let's see...today we have


Math-Elapsed time using the Judy clock, facts practice.

Reading/LA-Big City Dreams in Scott Foresman Reader with comprehension questions, Little House on Rocky Ridge for Sonlight, copywork (the week's Scripture verse, because it's Monday).

Continue with Spelling and make this week's list

History-Arabic world and the rise of Islam (which means the Prince of Persia lego sets are getting a workout ;) ).


Spanish-Read this week's Scholastic News (Nutrition)

Latin-Begin Unit 22-do chants, make vocabulary cards for the wall.

Greek-Continue with "the silly fruit song" (as my DD puts it)

Music-Practice recorder for Kindermusik class and piano

Ballet-practice DVD with mommy (good for both of us).

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Next lesson in geometry MCP math and drilling multiplication facts

Abeka LA 4

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

cursive handwriting practice/copywork



Abeka Math 2

Abeka LA 2

cursive handwriting practice/copywork




SOTW Ancients lesson 21

World geography weekly stop - Kenya

Journal writing

Reading (dd9 - The Bronze Bow and dd7 - Greek Myths)

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DD14 - So far today, Latin Lesson, Practiced her voice lesson, working on her writing lesson on Ancient Egypt right now. Later today reading & history (Sonlight Core 6), math, vocab and science study guide.


DD 4 - at preschool right now. After lunch, OPGTR lesson, R&S preschool workbooks, practicing her name with uppercase first letter and lower case for the rest, and she has picked out lots of books to read today. Naptime. =)

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DS is editing his SOTW paragraphs and then we will read more SOTW. We are also going to put our banner paper up since we are starting constellations today.


DD just finished her daily work in R&S preschool workbook A. We have been doing this for a week now and are almost done. We will be leaving in a bit for storytime at the library.

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My 13 year old dd is practicing her "home ec" skills by making muffins for snack and emptying the dishwasher! :lol: She has already finished 2 pages of Math (MUS Algebra I, lesson 21) and Wordly Wise Book 8, Lesson 20, Part A. She has already done her Bible reading and devotion. Once she's done with chores, she'll move on to Latin (LRtEG, Level 1, Chapter 7) and then continue reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood for history. She'll also do 30 minutes on the Wii Fit and has an hour long modern dance class this afternoon.


My 10 year old son just finished his Unit Test III for MUS Delta. He's now eating a snack, since apparently that used up all of his "fuel!" He's going to have to get moving a little faster if he has any hopes of finishing his handwriting, WWE and FLL before lunchtime. After lunch, we have reading for History, P/E, and typing. He also has some activities to finish for his Cub Scout God & Family badge so that he can be awarded that badge and his Webelos badge at tomorrow's Pack Meeting.


My 7 year old has finished MUS Beta, Lesson 4, parts A & B this morning, as well as WWE 1, Week 19, Day 1 and her handwriting. She's currently taking a break to play with her 3 year old sister. We will do some reading for history this afternoon and some P/E.


The 3 year old has had her morning spanish lesson, courtesy of Dora & Diego! ;)

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DS is working on the American Revolution in social studies, waves in science, point of view in english, a web quest in algebra, and he's starting a new section of French.


DD is starting a new spelling lesson focusing on letters in the correct order. Phonics is adding ed and est. We learned about homophones and homonyms on Time 4 Writing. For literature we are working on a Norse Mythology lapbook. Art is learning about Leonardo da Vinci. We have just started chapter 14 of Latin for Children A.


DD and I have started a new schedule where we do all the previously mentioned subjects every day, then do history one day, math one day, science one day, and geography one day. I haven't decided if we'll be doing math or science today. If math, she'll be working on dividing three digit numbers. If science, we'll study phosphorus and sulfur.

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As I type, the morning chores are being completed! Teeth brushed and early morning reading will be done, prior to school starting.

Today is a full day:


DS14-high schooler

is fighting to figure out the formulas in his Newton study in Apologia Physical Science

breezing thru Geometry with TT and then uses ALEKs as a supplement

He is doing a computer learning class (using windows 7)

Guitar for him also along with Spanish.

This is his last year with Easy Grammar.


My DS12 and twin DD11 are in what I call the 5th/6th grade combo

Easy Grammar, finishing up our Noun Review this week to test and close that chapter up!

Math U See and ALEX for them also, with fractions being mastered. DS12 is moving at an accelerated speed so hoping to test out of Epsilon soon!

We do SotW 1, the ancients and today, after a long wait, is Alexander the Great! My DS favorite! He will fill us in on what SotW doesn't!

DS is in AAS with me, as he had huge holes in spelling rules, so we split, girls do their spelling together

Word Wise and Reading Spectrums are quick parts to the day, along with Scholastic Magazine for current events.


All 4 do Write Reflections with me...as I figure it out! It is fun! But printing so much out is a pain in my butt!


Dad takes the to archery today, so mom gets 2 hours of no one in home!:lol:

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My daughter's main assignment today is to try to get better. She has been so sick for over a week!


Today we're pared down to:

* Study for Latin midterm -- it just stinks that she's so sick and still needs to perform well on her test. poor kid.


* Conduct electronics experiment and read info.


* Read on her resources for her Constitution paper.


* rest


* try to walk a few minutes outside.



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Dd8- MUS Gamma L.5, watch video, do pages A&B


R&S English 3 Unit 2, Review 2


Copywork from Living Memory


Read a chap. Of Jake Drake, Bully Buster


Dd6- MUS Alpha L.22, watch video, do page A


Language Smarts B p. 136-138


Copywork, second half of Titus 2:11-14


Read from any book she chooses


Both- I'll read out loud, they'll narrate :


Rocks & Mineral (Morris) p. 16-18


The Greeks (Usborne Ill. World His.) p. 10-11 with VP card Mycenaen Culture


CSB by Vos. Chap. 55

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Today DS is working on:


identifying his toes (he points at his nose currently)

sorting shapes in his bucket

interpretive dance (to techno baby music at the moment)

pointing out ball, dog, block, train, dinosaur, sock, balloon, and truck in his favorite book "How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?"

PE at the park

Foreign language (Water = Oi-duh, I want water = Oi-duh, goi-duh, oi-duh, goi-duh-goi)


Ok, so maybe this doesn't count as home schooling yet but I'm in a silly mood!:D

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We just watched The General w/ Buster Keaton, & now they're doing an experiment with potatoes. :confused:


Ds will be learning decimals this afternoon; I'm doing my first conversation-based math lesson w/ dd. We'll have a freewrite, & then there's the boring stuff: spelling, Latin, etc.

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Grammar - Analyze and discuss sentence from MCT (Town for DS, Voyage for DD)


Writing - Finish rough draft for 3-paragraph narrative about the Boston Tea Party


Math - Solving simultaneous equations by elimination for DS, metric conversions for DD


History - SOTW Chapter 12 (Battle, Fire, and Plague in England) covering Charles I and Oliver Cromwell


Science - Marine dinosaurs in Apologia and energy molecules in Chemistry


Foreign Language - Rosetta Stone for 30 minutes (Spanish for DD, Korean for DS)


Art - Winter Birch Trees from artprojectsforkids.org

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DD 18 Chalkdust College Algebra

Learn to write the Novel Way


DS 9 Math



OPGTR (He knows most of the words but it is great reinforcement of phonics rules for him.)

Chapter in The Lion,the witch and the wardrobe

Social Studies

Maybe the Wii Fit

Prima Latina


DD8 Math




Social Studies

Maybe the Wii fit

Prima Latina


All chapter in The Owls of Ga'hoole

We might try Music and moments with the masters

for the first time today. We'll listen to Peter and the Wolf

and they will paint what they see while they listen.


DD 18 months will tolerantly play around us and garner the

attention of whoever is not engaged.

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DS is 5 yrs old today was:

- Sorting those Lauri beads n' baubles into color cups

- HWT practice the lette F & E

- Progress in math 5-2 (learning the number 7)


Now he is playing with DS2 (almost 3yrs old) and the 10 month old.. they are pretending they are seals and have some magic key and are trying to do something... hence I am here for a few minutes!!!


Maybe later

- MFW language arts Lesson 15 word list

- review 10 sight words

- watch Wild Krats

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They both did a CLE math and LA lesson. 4th grader read a Japanese Tale "How To Fool A Cat" and 1st grader read from her Primer. DS read science out loud to us while we drove to the orthodontist (A Magic Treehouse study guide about 'seamonsters). We are off to co-op Spanish and then we'll watch a Liberty's Kids movie (Green Mountain Boys) when we get home. Sort of a crazy day today with co-op and appointments and snow. 1st grader is going to a Fancy Nancy Teaparty tonight at the library.

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My son came down with something toward the end of last week. He tried, but got very little done either Thursday or Friday. Then he had three shows this weekend that he really felt he had to do. (He was part of an ensemble and had no understudy.)


So, today he slept until 11:00 and is now camped out on the couch with his laptop. He has sent notes to the teachers for his four online courses explaining why he accomplished so little last week. And I've told him he needs to submit at least one lesson in each of those courses today.


That will probably be it.


He has a choir rehearsal scheduled for this afternoon, but I've already told the director he won't be there.


I suspect whatever remains of the afternoon once he's done with those four lessons will likely be devoted to napping and/or watching a movie.

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math test R&S 4th grade, chapter 8

typed the conclusion to her scientific method paper for the science fair

English, R&S , writing paragraphs

spelling, R&S, chapter 18?

Latin, Prima Latina, start chp. 19?

art & science, work on display board for science fair (she has most of the work done, just needs to put it all on the board)



art, science, Bible (used a verse from Genesis), geography, graphing: work on science fair display board.

Today she has made a graph about how many types of alligators and crocs there are in the world, and is now cutting and glueing a grass fringe from green paper for the bottom of the board.

writing, science: She will be making same and different lists about crocs and alligators.

Math: R&S lesson 117

Reading: read aloud to me from Fluffy meets the Tooth Fairy, and listen to book on tape at nap. Don't know which yet.

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DD10 is right now doing a math placement test as we are thinking of adding another math program. :glare: Then she'll do Latin, IEW, and her CC Essentials grammar stuff.


DS6 is right now watching a Leap Frog video. He had a bad accident involving his face and the sidewalk and the scooter this weekend and he still isn't feeling good. We'll do SSRW after the video and just have a gentle day. Probably play with some c.rods too.


After lunch we'll (both kids) read history (Castle Diary) and science (bio of Isaac Newton).


That's all for today. Mom has a bunch of other things to catch up on.

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Bible (Read in Training Hearts Teaching Minds and Heaven for Kids)

Awana Memory verses

Mystery of History lesson 52 on Leif Ericcson (timeline, written summary)




Math lesson 115

R&S English lesson

Science: Read page 58-60 (oral narration)

Write a summary for the day's reading in 100 Most Important Events in Church History.

Read Door in the Wall.

Spelling: 3 pages




Math lesson

Write with Ease 21.4

All About Spelling (begin lesson 16)

Science (he is finishing the workbook today)

Print page

Finish Robinson Crusoe (adapted version)

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My kids assignments today inclue, chip the ice on gramma's driveway, and don't get too dizzy on the roller coaster. We are in teh city today because I have a dr's appt and had a job interview today so we are using the amusement park passes they got for xmas. Tomorrow will be another story but today is a fun day for us.

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Ds started with 45 minutes of reading to review his library books this week because he goes to the ps library on Monday nights for AR tests. Then he read another chapter in our current book about chemistry and we discussed it. Currently he is doing word problems from SM 3A (and he is taking FOR.EV.ER.).


Next he will do Megawords for spelling, then practice piano for 15 minutes (I know, we're lightweights in piano, lol). Then home ec and outside time which today will be combined as he helps us get the pen and shelter ready for our pig that is arriving next week.


After that he will go take his AR tests then go to karate.


And Monday is one of his light days!

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Mine just finished day 2 of Westward Ho! (NOT THE CYBERBEE VERSION OF WESTWARD HO!) They love it and wanted to do more! That is a great feeling!!!


Heads up on Cyberbee Westward Ho: (a vent)

We were going to do it with the group on Cyberbee but decided not to because the site is having numerous computer problems that the Westward Ho facilitator doesn't seem to care much about (long story-involves receipt very unhelpful/rude emails). A few years ago there was a change in facilitators. I did it once before the change and the project was great. I also was denied access to the teacher helps part of the site because they do not allow homeschoolers (claim they cannot verify status) and would not address my questions and offers of verification about that issue (this is a new change). Anyway, I compiled resources from the net and made a lesson plan and half size textbooks with the fates etc. and I think it is waaaay better. It is 10 weeks instead of the 5 on the Cyberbee site and that gives us a lot more time to dig deeper. Honestly, I really didn't need the teacher helps but it was the principle of the thing. Another real stickler was the site's instability. I didn't want to take a chance that we would continue to have broken links, 404 and other access issues. Frustration was not my goal for the study. Honestly, I have very little tolerance for people that can't get their acts together especially when it impacts others. Vent over. :D

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We started about 11:30 am today, and it's our easy day because two of my kids have gym class today.


My youngest complete 2 pages in Get ready for the code and did lesson 4 in saxon math K.


My middle child completed a penmanship paper and lesson 17 in saxon math 3,


My oldest child has completed a penmanship paper and is currently finishing lesson 7 in saxon math 7/6.


When he's done we'll do one of our lapbook components for our new animal classification lapbook.


Then it's off to gym.

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Forget school work! I want to focus on waking up time!


Dd12 was up at 8:30am. Kudos to her!


Ds14 woke up at 12:30pm. There is definite room for improvement there.


I think everyone should be awake by 10:00am. Even if everyone is awake before then, school work doesn't start until about 11:00am. We're just not morning school people. :)

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Today is a regularly scheduled day (see siggy) EXCEPT we have no enrichment activities/lessons to go to :thumbup:. Mondays are our stay-at-home day.


We just had spaghetti squash for lunch and DS wants to learn how to roast the seeds so that will take up part of our afternoon. (He was AMAZED that a squash could actually look like spaghetti noodles :lol:)

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My last nerve:glare:.

:D here too.


They are each coming up with reasons why it's impossible to do the assigned work. The DVD player's in the school cabinet, the pencil won't sharpen, He's/She's sitting at my desk, I can't find my book, I'm too hungry, I'm cold, I'm soooo tired, I don't have any clean clothing. . . .


:lol: I have to laugh or I'd cry.

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We began our day at 9:30am.


DD7 has done her math lesson, penmanship lesson and handwriting lesson.

DD5 has done her math lesson, penmanship/handwriting lesson.


We together have read "The Snowy Day" and made snowflakes out of tortilla's and spread butter on them and sprinkled them with cinn./sugar :D


Now we're on lunch break. Once after lunch we'll do our Science..learning about 3 planets today briefly and filling out the science detective worksheets for each. Then we'll do reading and then geography.

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Dd did a lesson of math this morning from TIP's MathPack: Quest. We also started the last lesson of Caesar's English II, and did memory work. She went to Master's Institute & Master's Academy after that, where she had a piano lesson, public speaking class, and then the regular Master's Academy program (art, music, drama, history) after that.


Ds did a page in SWO A, did copywork for WWE 1, read a chapter in a Henry & Mudge book, reviewed /oo/, tried valiantly to read cursive in McGuffey's primer, did lesson 38 in Right Start B, page F-9 in Miquon Orange, recited his memory work, and learned about the Punic Wars. Then he went off to Master's Academy.


Little dd has colored, ridden her rocking horse, and generally played the day away. (She's only 2 :) )

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Patrick finally finished lesson 18 in Saxon 6/5, after having set it aside. He watched the lesson for Latin for Children A chapter 24 on DVD and spent about 15 minutes working on ch. 24 in the activity book. Right now, he's working on getting some pages done in Sentences to Paragraphs 2.


Delilah (7) decided to do a lesson from CLE Science 101. Then she checked on our apple mummification experiement (is it science or history??). She did about half of lesson 13 in CLE Math 204 before her friends (off school today) knocked on the door.


James (5) worked on the practice in his speech notebook, did two pages in Counting With Numbers and colored a picture in Bible Pictures to Color.


I read all of the kids a story from Bible Stories to Read.




The kids are all playing right now. I'm going to have them put in some more time here soon.

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Forget school work! I want to focus on waking up time!





I've spent the last three weeks trying to get mine to wake up at a decent time again - they had a long Christmas break then were sick for two weeks.


After waking up at a decent time, getting dressed without throwing a fit will be the thing to work on for the youngest.

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We used to live there, and my FIL retired from X10 :)



That is extremely exciting. She saw a reference to it in a History Detectives episode and has been reading all that she can about the history and science related to it. The idea of a town created by the government with a single, secret purpose is fascinating to her.

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DD the Elder:

30 minutes Plato Science Physical Science

1 page Megawords

10 minutes copywork (a story from the Violet Fairy Book)

1 exercises Latin Prep

2 pages Spanish Verb Tenses workbook

1 exercise So You Really Want to Learn Spanish

30 minutes How to Become a Problem Solving Genius (Zaccaro)

10 minutes Latin flashcards -- Anki

memory work


DD the Younger:

1 page Phonics Pathways

memory work

3 blackline master pages GDI

copywork - 1 sentence (a long one today)

Blend Phonics - about 40 words

MEP Math - 1 day's lesson

5 minutes facts drill



Art After Lunch (doing it late today) -- drawing exercises and free-for-all with acrylics

Watch and episode of Rough Science.



We don't generally count read alouds as school.

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The oldest (21) is in college but lives at home. He gets up every morning and goes to Starbucks to write (he really wants to be a writer). He is majoring in a new degree plan at his college called Emerging Media and Communications.


My 18 year old (a senior this year) is doing an online govt. class through the local community college. I am not sure what else she is really doing today, but I did listen to the govt. video she was watching. (Totally biased video, I might add. She is smart though and knows it.) So the part about not really knowing what else she is doing......just keeping it real. She is very self-motivated and with the exception of a finance book and a worldview curriculum she pretty much is taking outside classes (spanish, chemistry, that sort of thing.)


I have two I consider 8th grade (14 and 15 years old) and today they are reading...


The Red Badge of Courage

The Slopes of War

Evidence for Jesus

Bible Study Sampler

The Treasury of Poetry for the Young

Physical Science Module 8 and doing vocabulary

Runkle Geography lesson 23

Teaching Textbooks Lesson 68


They are memorizing the Gettysburg Address.


They also are practicing the guitar for their guitar class and I need to find out what their IEW SWI-C writing assignment is (co-op class) and make sure it gets done in time for me to edit it.


I am doing stinky boy scout laundry.

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Well, we are actually about done...


Ds-writing assignment:combining sentences: first 30 minutes of your day

read one chapter from A Wrinkle in Time

Work on memorizing (idea of) Bill of Rights

Civics: Citizenship lesson

Math: mixture problems using two variables

Study aviation materials (on instruments I think)

Lots of push-ups and sit-ups



Dd's-read chapter Jane Erye

Lesson from wherever they are in grammar (each at different place in book)

Spanish2-adjective placement for meaning of word+ practice with hacer tiempo que

Physics: start chapter on momentum/read+vocabulary

worked problems using Newton's 3rd law


dd16ab-music practice/lessons

dd16b-1 lesson Alg 2

dd16a-1 lesson geometry (area)


--work on topic sentence for research paper (must gather enough info to narrow it down)




Me: Going to store to purchase materials to make violet and green fire tomorrow because they decided one advantage to ps was that their labs were better. Seems a friend got to watch their teacher make violet fire. I will let them do it themselves and make green fire too!

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Today, DS did:


WWE1 - Week 3, Day 1 (copywork)

FLL1 - Lesson 52

AAS1 - finished Step 17 (wrote 10 of the phrases to finish the step and get a sticker on the chart)

The second part of Lesson 56 in Rightstart B

La Clase Divertida 1 - watched Lesson 3 on the dvd

I read him three chapters from Charlotte's Web.

We also met the homeschool group at the mall for lunch.

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My son didn't have his algebra class today because the roads were apparently bad enough this morning for school to be canceled - again. He's finished up with all his math from last week, so I let him read for an hour before beginning his written work.


His teacher said that they'll make up the class tomorrow afternoon. Now I'm looking at the weather for tomorrow and wondering if that's going to happen!


He started a new section in his vocab book today, covering Greek roots. He worked on indirect objects in grammar. He answered all his study questions for his lit class. He did a lesson in Latin and in Greek.


He did an exercise in his chemistry workbook and a work page in a U.S. geography workbook.


He had an hour long piano lesson from 11-12. This morning, before he went to his lesson, he had a "fact finder" to complete for his teacher regarding Robert Schumann. I put together a notebook of wedding music for him that his teacher wanted him to pull together in one place.


We ate lunch at a little family owned Chinese restaurant and in spite of the fact that we only got one meal, we brought home enough for dinner with just a little added to it....


While at lunch, I finished a chapter of The Three Musketeers, a read aloud I started some time ago that I NEED to finish, LOL! He read some at lunch, too. On the way there and back, he finished listening to a book about slaves who fought or otherwise assisted the colonists during the time period of the Revolutionary War.


Once we got back home, I read more to him from the autobiography of Benj. Franklin. We discussed George Washington's "Rules of Civility" and I began reading from those. We discussed Thomas Paine's pamphlet "Common Sense" and the effect it had on the colonists. And I finished up the day reading from Avi's "Night Journeys", which we started last week.


He folded and put away some towels and is now watching a movie....

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Dd and I spent 2 hours at the dentist getting check-ups, x-rays, and cleanings so much of our day was a waste as far as schooling goes.


When we got home she ate lunch while watching Unit 7 of Destinos for Spanish. She practiced violin for 1.5 hours, did a Writing with Ease lesson, and read for 30 minutes while I worked on an annoying puzzle.


While I cooked an early dinner to pack some up so ds could eat after wrestling weigh-ins, she did a Spelling Power lesson and a page of her grammar workbook. Then she practiced Irish fiddle for 30 min while her brothers did their homework. Then it was back to the school with her oldest brother to catch the bus to his wrestling match...soon we will be back in the car to go watch him.


We get to stay home tomorrow so we'll get caught up then.

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Yesterday we:


Put 10 social studies vocab words in alphabetical order & defined them


Wrote sentences depicting each of 11 punctuation rules for grammar


Wrote ten spelling words 5X each


Did a Teaching Textbooks math lesson (money word problems)


Did a Sentence Composing for Elementary School lesson


Read aloud (Journey To Monticello)


Had silent reading time (Streams to the River, River to the Sea)


Went to an indoor play place for an hour and a half or so


Did the first 3 standardized Cat/5 tests (vocab, comprehension, spelling)


Did some cleaning in the living room/den


Played Wii bowling/Other free play time


Continued to neglect writing a book report on Ben and Me which SHOULD have been finished last week but will get done SOMETIME this week.

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