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I give up. Any good Arabic curriculum?


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Hi there,


I want to teach my children conversational Arabic. DH and I speak it fluently, but not to each other. Ya ya ya... I've been lectured a few hundred times about this. It's not our 'first' language and we both feel more comfortable speaking English, so we do. Our kids can read it, but they don't really understand anything. They also don't have any vocabulary (well not much) which I find weird b/c I've always used many basic words in Arabic from the time they were born.


I bought IQRA and it plain ol' stinks. There is a textbook and a workbook. Textbook has no teacher direction, plan, or goals. And there is no logice, rhyme, or reason to make out of each chapter. My kids hate it and so do I.


Rosetta Stone? Anything else? We are seriusly lacking in a successful program.

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LOL. I am in the same boat. I just bought my kiddoes Gateway to Arabic book 1 ( I think) My arabic teacher is using book 2 with me. It is HEAVY with vocabulary which is kind of overwhelming for me since it is only me speaking arabic in the house. But with you and hubby it may be a nice addition. I purchased mine from noor art.

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@ Noor art there is this book series called "Uhibbu al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah." Good stuff. I wouldn't bother with the workbooks, I didn't like them too much, but the texts are good.


I am in the same boat, but (and I don't mean to lecture :) since you speak yourself, don't worry about speaking with your husband. Make the 110% effort to do it yourself with your kids. I did it with my first and he doesn't speak but understands mostly everything. With my 2nd, I didn't and I really regret it even though she's still small. Still, she's past that golden window of language acquisition and often just tunes me out when I speak Arabic.


Hope this helps. Also I did a lot of reading regular storybooks in Arabic (just translated myself on the fly) when ds was younger and that helped a great deal.

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