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It's cold outside; we need movement!

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But, left to my own devices, I'd hibernate with books, blankets &hot chocolate all winter. Plus, I have a baby that can't go outside much, cuz baby skin just doesn't tolerate our winters. I need ideas to run off the big boy's energy!


Here's what we do:

*When DH's (crummy) schedule allows, we try to get outside. But I'd rather hybernate, so this is spotty at best.

*We have a mini-tramp. Monkey loves it.

*We whack balls & run in the basement.

*We visit the "mall park," but they got rid of the best stuff recently...


What else? What do ya'll do all winter long to keep the grumps away? He needs more movement!

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It's been unusually cold around here lately. I don't do winter so I am with you on the hibernation. :) My boys, however, don't mind. They are out every day playing football together, or shooting hoops or riding bikes. Mostly football. We have a fairly spacious open area in our basement family room and they like to do indoor football there, too. Or...they wrestle. :glare: But that doesn't last long before somebody gets hurt and comes crying. :glare: With all that activity..we still have grumpy kids. The mini-tramp is great...we have one, too. Gotta drag it out again! Thanks for the reminder. Can you find a used treadmill somewhere? They are great for indoor running off of energy!

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Running up and down the stairs is a great way to run off energy. I've been known to challenge kids to do 100 trips up and down two flights. None of them have made it before collisping and "dieing" ! Is the ceiling in the basement high enough to jump rope? Good old sit-ups, jumping jacks, and push ups are good at using up energy.

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Ugh! I sooooo know how you feel! We are in West Central Minnesota and the snow and cold are just too much for our GA acclimated bodies. Besides... I'd just hibernate too.


Calisthenics are the only thing that I can think of. We also have a Wii which has helped. The girls love Just Dance and that can keep them moving. The boy, well, I have told him to run stairs when he gets freaky. We also have some free weights and sometimes the kids will do bicep curls, etc. Stretching is good also.


Good Luck!

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