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Galaxy Tablet

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Good luck with finding info!


Tell me about it.... no one on here seems to have a Galaxy... The reviews are good, but I want actual experience. I've looked at the I-pad but it seems kind of heavy for my purse. And I'd have to get a lot bigger of a purse.

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That is my reward for losing weight, and I haven't reached my goal, yet.


What do you want to know? My biggest love about the iPad vs. Something like my husband's iPhone is the size! I can read it without my reading glasses, and not have to expand what I am looking at to do it.


Maybe you haven't reached the age where you can't see up close. Let me tell you what a pita not being able to see up close is!


It does everything but be able to play flash player - and maybe it does that and I just don't know it yet! It does YouTube, I can text from it, i can read, surf,and a host if other things. Let me know what you want to do specifically.

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