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Will be afterschooling next year

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It looks like mostly likely I will have at least 1 kid in the ps I work in next year. I had a meeting with the principal and vice principal/special needs coordinator last week. Dd11 is set on going to ps. SHe was in for K and gr 1 and things were very bad, but the school I work in now is much different than that. Because she is special needs and such, she will do math and Lang in the special needs class in the morning, it is a class of 8 kids. FOr lunch and the afternoon classes she will be in the regular grade 6 class of 15 kids. She will most likely be back home for junior high and high school because the ps for those grades is terrible for special needs. Ds12 will continue to homeschool next year. HE is thrilled at the chance to hs without his sister as they have always been taught together. ds7 may or may not be going to the ps in the fall as well. He is special needs but unlike the older 2 has never done all of the testing. THe principal said they could do all the testing, and having him with the reading specialist daily(she is also the hand bell teacher and I talk to her almost daily, a very fabulous lady). They said they would work with him with the plan for him to come back to homeschooling for gr 3 the following year but he would have access to the help he needs and testing. Right now he goes to speech/language therapy every other week for his phonological delays(he is around 2 years behind due to severe speech delays he had), the therapist would come to the school weekly to work with him in addition to a daily pull out 1-on-1 with the reading specialist. So I am seriously considering the options for him. He is not sure about going due to his bowel issues, he gets teased a lot already at the afterschool care I work in because of his smell, so he is scared he will get teased there too. I am not sure yet what I am going to do yet with him, this weekend he made a huge breakthrough with his reading/writing and has begun inventive spelling finally, so we may not need the extra help by the time fall rolls around.


SO to that end it looks like for sure dd will go to ps and afterschool with me, possibly my younger ds but we will see. This will be a new adjustment for me, hsing and afterschooling, and supporting my dd in a system I do not fully agree with. Good times.

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