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FYI Something I came across that is truly a great idea!

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I was reading through the thread about kids getting sick and I thought I'd share this with you all. It's a small-ish little company that puts out curriculum for young and not-so-young;) teaching herbal remedies and the proper use of herbs in our lives. My oldest dd16 is going to be starting the 2-year course to become an herbalist since she's interested in going into medicine and sees the benefits of this knowledge because of living where we do.


I just think it's a great tool!


Vintage Remedies

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Thanks! I am going to check this out. I was just about to ask you in my thread "children who rarely get sick" what types of natural remedies/medicine do you use? This is what I want to transition to.


To be honest, we're just learning about it all too! Living where I do I have easy access to a LOT of herbs year-round and the wisdom of some very old Mayan ladies who know what to do with them. One thing we do use is called Rosa de Jamaica here (hibiscus tea) and it's awesome for stomach issues. Garlic is another thing that we use a lot for colds and parasites. Peppermint tea (a little thicker than usual) for coughs and congestion. Just the basics right now really, but, I'm hoping to learn more.

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