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multiple transcripts

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I'm a little confused about transcripts. My son will have my classes, PA Homeschooler classes, CC classes, and private university classes by the time he graduates. I will make out 1 transcript that has all of those grades on there, correct? Do you just have a notation about where each class was taken? Then do you also have to submit official transcripts from each of those places? So basically, I'll be sending 4 transcripts? Is that weird?



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We ended up sending one major transcript -- mine -- that had all the classes and all the grades on one sheet of paper.


Additionally, we sent in all the other transcripts from random online high schools and from CC and 4-year-college classes. We ended up sending six or seven transcripts!


The two negatives of having a bunch of transcripts --

1) Expense

2) When a college receives ONE transcript as part of the college application, it then checks the box for "transcript received." You have to call and inquire as to whether or not the homeschool transcript (the important one) has been received.

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We sent one comprehensive transcript that included all classes my daughter had taken as well as a transcript from the community college where she had taken classes. My daughter also took classes at a resource center which did not provide transcripts; I made a note of that fact in my documentation.


I'd be happy to send you a copy of my daughter's transcript so that you can see how I indicated where different classes were taken. If you are interested, send me a personal message with your email address.




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