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only input my dh has on hs...

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My dh is not really thrilled with me homeschooling. But, since I am in charge of education and the health of our children...I WIN!! I am now trying to put next year's curriculum together.After saying nothing for the last 6 months on homeschooling or whether we should do it again next year my dh gives me this gem...



"I think you should teach DS#2 physics next year. Not watered down physics, but Steven Hawkins physics!!"


:001_huh::confused::glare:<---This is what I looked like after the above statement.

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Actually, if this is the only input he has, and assuming your son is interested in the subject, I think you might want to have a go at it! You don't have to actually "teach" it. Check out A Brief History of Time, watch some DVD lectures that are topical... it might be a lot of fun! And if it gets your husband more on board, then all the better.


This is the beauty of home education... you can study whatever you want! Even if that means Steven Hawking in middle school. :D


Also, Steven Hawking and his daughter wrote a fabulous book for kids called George's Secret Key to the Universe. It's a great story and there's even a bit of a study guide in the back. It would a great unit study and would certainly count as teaching science according to Steven Hawking. :D

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Yep, I'd do it. OH wait we do do it. :lol: My boys loved Stephen Hawkings' books for kids. We watch documentaries and we're currently listening to A Short History of Nearly Everything on audio and the boys have A Really Short History of Nearly Everything (kid's version) to read as well.

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