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Looking for a really FUN science curriculum


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I'm trying to find a science program that will get my boys to love the subject. I've tried RS4K but must have picked the wrong level (started with prelevel chem with K, 1st, and 4th grades.) The oldest seemed to have retained a lot but it was a little too simple. The 1st grader liked doing the experiments but is still learning to read, and the kindergartener just wanted to stick his little hands in everything and mix things together. Is there anything that can group all these grades together and still be fun? I don't need it to be rigourous, just informative enough for some retention and get them to love science. Or does it need to be more rigourous next year a 5th grader?


Seriously, am I asking for too much?

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I think that it sounds like some science activity *kits* would be a good fit for you. We liked the Home Science Adventures: http://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.php?sid=1295750406-1271331&subject=11&category=2796 They are a good combo of activities/experiments, written material and they supply pretty much everything in one box! We always add in some nice age appropriate science books to round them out.


And there are other kits, too, like ScienceWiz, Wild Goose or Science in a Nutshell that might work well.

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