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I'm kind of, sort of, a little bit starting to think of next year. :) Anyway, science this year has been kind of relaxed. Too relaxed. We've done it when we feel like it, and we've explored a bunch of different topics so far and it's been really hands on, and lots of fun, but there hasn't been anything structured or coherent about it. I'm not worried about it, really, they're in 2nd and 4th grade, plus this was our first year. Anyway, we are using REAL Science Odyssey, kind of. I don't really like it, I feel like there isn't enough guidance for me as the teacher. This really isn't my subject but my nine year old loves science and I want to give her lots to learn and explore at this age. She's a very curious and inquisitive person and also a very hands on learner.


So basically, I need suggestions. I would like something that I can use for both kids next year. I am willing to adapt a more difficult program to be easier for my younger daughter and kind of just let her "tag along" so to speak. I need something that holds my hand through the whole thing. I would like it to have a hands-on component with mess and experiments and so on, but I would like it to have reading and tests and things so I don't feel like we have to make a mess every single time we're doing Science. We're Christians so I would prefer something that didn't assume an atheist point of view, but I don't believe in a young earth, so I don't want something that emphasizes that. Basically, if given a choice, I'll stick with a secular program and just talk about our beliefs. The good news is, I'm pretty open minded about what area of science to study though we've mostly been talking earth and space this year so I'd like to do something different. Oh and I'd like to not spend a fortune of course. :) Please tell me you brilliant people have exactly the perfect program for me?

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