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History Odyssey for high school?

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Does anyone use HO for high school for Ancients/Middle Ages? If so have you been pleased? Did you feel it was the right amount for high school level?


I was thinking about it for my 7th next year and then saw that they also have a level 3 for high school and wondered about it for 10th grade. Most of the reviews are for the younger levels.

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This is only our second year homeschooling and my dd14 started 9th grade this year with History Odyssey Ancients, Level III. Previously she used an online curriculum which was not a good fit. I had really high hopes for HO, but we stopped using it after the first semester. My dd14 loves to read. She even likes the spine text, New History of the World, which some other students find dry. Yet she complained about the format of the assignments - they did not appeal to her creative mind. Now I've deleted the HO assignments, and I'm having her complete the year with the HO required reading, using assignments modeled after TWTM. Dd14 is now writing better outlines, showing more interest in compositions, and complaining less.

Overall, I think HO is a solid high school program - I just recognize that it is not a good fit for my child. I recommend downloading the preview pack and going over it closely with your future 10 grader. We invested about $250 in the required books.

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