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One of our kitties is missing.

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She got out of the garage yesterday afternoon when we came home and she's not home yet.:crying: We're worried. And Sad. We live in the country and there are coyotes around.:crying:

I feel awful, I should have looked for her when I opened the door and I should have checked where she was sooner. If you are so inclined would you pray that she will come home soon. TIA

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Awh, I'm so sorry! There is nothing worse than a lost kitty when you live out in the country. We have 3 rotten cats right now, but since we have lived here, we have lost 3 others. They have just disappeared, and it is awful not knowing for sure what happened to them.


Try not to beat yourself up too much though. (I know I generally feel EXTREMELY guilty and like I should have done something to locate them.) But, honestly, there is probably nothing you could have done. Cats roam, and, if they see an open door, they will generally seize the opportunity to escape.


Let us know what happens...


Gayle :grouphug:

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:grouphug: If it makes you feel any better, my kitty once disappeared. We don't have coyotes, but we live in an area with a lot of large, angry dogs and a great deal of traffic nearby. Two weeks later, she strolled on up as if nothing had happened, not a care in the world, and not a mark on her.


Another time, she disappeared for a week and we found her at the humane society. Some well-meaning person had picked her up (she's demonically fast at scooting out the open door when no one is paying attention) and driven her several miles over to the humane society. If you have one anywhere in the area, you should give them a call. Sometimes you have to look in person, though- they told me they had a cat with short, tortoiseshell fur (which turned out to be Arwen). Yeah... my cat has long gray fur.

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