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Want to send a gift to our past foreign exchange son, but can't think of what to send

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Money could be useful, but it probably isn't safe to send it in the mail. When I sent a package to my exchange student sister after she returned to Argentina, she asked me to include some of her favorite American candies. Perhaps a DVD of your family each saying a personal message would be nice, or notes of congratulation and pictures.

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My daughter's math tchr lives in India and we send her birthday gifts and other little things. We always send what she calls American candy, a homemade card, and a homemade gift. She seems to really love them.


Could you contact his parents and ask the best way to include some funds? I woudn't even consider sending cash or gift cards or anything like that. Maybe you could work out with mom and dad how to best do a wire transfer (that's how I got money while traveling).


I have found traveller's cheques pretty easy to use in various places but NOT in Mexico or Central America. I haven't been anywhere in S. Am. but based on my experience with Mex and C. Am., I wouldn't go that route either.

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A friend was mentioning this week how she loves to send DVDs of American movies to their ex-exchange students to work on their English. She said she can put the disc in a greeting card and it usually gets to its destination (Brazil). She tried a few packages at first but none made it to their student because the mail isn't secure. But greeting cards have worked so far.

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