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Corona, CA

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Hi, saw your comment over at my blog!


it's real super easy to homeschool here, you have lots of options- and as I said on my blog, beyond registering online-which is a notification, not seeking approval- there really isn't anything else you have to do.


California homeschool network has a nice yahoo group message board, there you can find out about playgroups, field trips, enrichment classes. Just search for it on yahoo groups.


welcome! I'd love to meet you sometime, maybe we could meet up at a park or Barnes & Nobles or something...! :001_smile:

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That would be great!


So, as for registering online.. I had read that you're supposed to send in your affidavit between Oct. 1 and 15. Someone told me that since we moved here in January, I should just wait until the beginning of next school year to register, but I'm a little nervous schooling under the radar for that long..


What do you think?

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well, I think you would be fine waiting till Oct. You can call California Homeschool Network and talk to someone on the phone that can help you with the law...we did have a situation where I homeschool a friend's son and she pulled him out during spring break- in that case she did file the R4 ( I think there are cases where a brand new school can file out of season) but she only did that because we were not "under the radar" -she was pulling her boy out of a p.s. and he was in special education, we were worried there would be a problem. I think if you are new to the state, you shouldn't have any problems...but if you are nervous, I would call CHN, they are very helpful.(we called them about the above situation, and they were so helpful :)


California Homeschool network

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Welcome to CA! I am in northern LA County. I would recommend contacting HSLDA and you will probably be reassured that you can wait until Oct. I am with a PSP, but many friends file their own affidavit. I am thinking about it, but my oldest likes the activities we do with the PSP school. You could also contact CHEA of CA. I have been homeschooling in CA for 8 years.



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