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Passing the torch

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What he studies on the core subjects? Never in my homeschool. How to go about it? Both my kids have had input on books and methodology to some extent - they both are good at telling me what works for them. But I have final say. What he studies for electives? Around 13, here. Ds13 is this year choosing some of his own electives.

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I choose the core. I consider their learning styles and needs in terms of methodology but have included my oldest dd in choices from about age 9. Once they have completed their core work, I let them pursue whatever interests them in whatever manner (more or less) they choose.


The main reason I have considered my daughter even in the core from around 9 is because she (and her siblings) function on a much higher academic level than their "age" so I have given her the choice among options in terms of pacing as well as course work.

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During the younger years, I get to pick. But, I offer options. For example, we just chose science for my 10 yo. I have him a list of subjects and he chose.


My oldest is really picking most of his own subjects now. He's taking CC classes and he has a list of requirements for graduation in our state as well as recommendations from his top college choices. He is VERY motivated! We go over his schedule a LOT and discuss his options. He decided on his own that he didn't want to waste his time in a class at CC taking trig or pre-calc, so he asked me to find books for him. He's done with trig and starts pre-calc next week. He just wants to get up to calculus - which he will take at the CC.


It works for us!

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