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Fun, easy piano book recommendations?

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My daughter has been progressing with her piano lessons nicely, but I fear she is getting bored with it. She loves when Christmas season comes along because she gets to play fun Christmas songs. Semi paying attention to her lesson and practices at home, I am pretty sure DD is learning more by audio than actual sight reading, so she would need a fairly simple book or maybe one that has a CD to go along with it.

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My kids are having a great time learning Peanuts music, and I really enjoy listening to it! It's music they're somewhat familiar with, it's playful, and a great intro to jazz.

I think this is a beginner book:


We have this one, I think it's a bit more advanced:


And this one is most authentic to Guaraldi, but even more advanced:



We aren't Christian, so we don't celebrate Christmas in our home. But, I have to say Guaraldi's Christmas music is like pure magic to my ears. I love to hear the girls play it all year round. :001_smile:

It's also nice that the girls can play these holiday songs when we go visiting during the season. It's like a gift, people just seem to love and appreciate his music so much.

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