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ALEKS 3month trial


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http://www.aleks.com/webform/c217 Online math program K-12+


I signed up my DD9 & so far she likes it. It really is her type of thing though so YMMV. She likes the pie-chart thingy. I think it works for independent, goal-oriented kids. I don't know if you'll keep it after the 3 months. It's a bit pricey.


Here's one of many TOS reviews http://thehomeschoolmagazine.com/Homeschool_Reviews/1577.php

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It's straight to the point. It seems it was meant as review. After signing up for the trial (takes about 2 days for trial to be activated) and picking up the child level, the child gets to do an initial assessment. The assessment shows areas that have been mastered for that level and what the child needs to work on. There are a few practice questions if needed. I think some kids may need more practice questions. At least the programs helps you identify weak areas.. There are explanations if needed. For review, I think they are adequate.


I'm using it alongside Time4learning & so far it's working great. I haven't tried the higher grades yet. Only done Gr 5.

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