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NY Times reports that Narrations help cement knowledge in students' brains

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Here's the article. They call it "test taking" but the truth is, what they really had the students do was write a "free form essay" about the information they had just read about. In the words of the article:


"The final group took a “retrieval practice” test. Without the passage in front of them, they wrote what they remembered in a free-form essay for 10 minutes. Then they reread the passage and took another retrieval practice test."[my bolding]


The students who took this "test" were compared against two other groups, and those that took the "test" (which again, seems to have been comprised of writing a brief essay after studying the material) retained substantially more than the other groups.


Howard Gardner was interviewed as well.


Really interesting!


ETA: sorry for the capitalization of the word narrations in the subject-typo ;)

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