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Sebaceous cyst question

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Several years ago (approx. 6 years ago) ds (now 11) had surgery for a sebaceous cyst on his ear. Instead of stitching it, the doctor just packed it, so when it was healed it left a small hole. Yesterday we noticed that this spot has become slightly swollen, slightly bruised, and tender to the touch. Does this sound like it's coming back (it never bruised before), an infection, or something else?

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I've had one on my shoulder for most of my adult life. Normally it's small, hard, and painless. Two or three times in the last 20 years it has become swollen and painful. Hot soaks and topical antibiotic usually takes care of it, but once I had to see the doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotic, which took care of it.


Maybe try hot soaks & Neosporin first?

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