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Rote memory

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If I read and understand something, I remember 80% of it automatically, the other 20% I can remember if I make an effort to make it stick. My ds has a similar way of remembering information. Dd on the other hand, is asked the same questions every day (ie. What is an action word? What is 3 + 2?) And each time she looks at me like she's never heard of such an animal before. What do I do? Do I make her go over it everyday? Will she get it eventually? Do I tattoo the answer to her forehead? (OK - that's just the frustration talking. . .!) Anyone else deal with this and have some answers?

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My son has to do a lot of review before he remembers facts. Even as we do 8th grade work, I have him do speed drills on 2-12 multiplication tables. If I do this, he does fine, but if I don't, he will get slow and forgetful while doing his math work. I have been told that this is a trait of ADHD - the inability to do math with quick and easy recall of facts. With that in mind, we just keep working on it.


This week I read Why Student's Don't Like School and it was very helpful to me. It has a lot of information that convinced me that I need to work a bit harder making sure that DS has enough in his memory to access when he is thinking.

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