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Anyone here build a backyard rink each year?

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No, but when I was in elementary, my school did (a very small school). They would use one end of the parking lot, mound up snow all around, and use a hose to fill it up. One night, the guy who was adding water decided it would be easier to set up a sprinkler and let it run all night. The next day the rink had bumps all over it from the sprinkler. It was pretty hard to skate on, but funny too. He didn't try that again.

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This is our second year and I have a few simple questions about maintaining a flat surface.


I don't have any info. for you, but this is a dream of mine. I don't know that we live where it's cold enough to maintain though . I remember researching this a bit a couple of years ago so you might try an Internet search. There was some good info. out there on building one, so maybe there's also the info. you need as well.

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Its the rewetting that I'm wondering about. Dh thinks that we have to pour a lot of water on it each time to make it smooth. I think that we just need to spread a little water on it after it begins to get chipped. I have found some homemade zamboni type devices. It snows here quite a bit so the ice can get mushy under the snow and bumpy. Dh thinks it is more important to keep flooding it to get the water higher than the bumps.


I'm not sure which way is correct.

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