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Dave Ramsey---the plan really does relieve a lot of stress

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My dh had a heart attack at age 45 last Saturday with no warning. In fact, he had seen a doctor on Tuesday who said he was very healthy.


He is now home and doing very well. He will likely be back to work next Wed. or Thursday---high stress job as an athletic director in the prison so he has direct prisoner contact.


We were talking though that we did the Dave Ramsey class last year and that has really reduced the stress of all of this.


We are debt free which is huge. Then we have a 6 month emergency fund. We have health insurance, life insuarance and disability insurance.


We even had an envelope in the safe here at home with cash in it so that when a friend of mine came to watch the kids most of Saturday through Tuesday she could go down there and get some cash for the things that they needed.


Not having to worry about the medical bills, time off work, etc. has relieved SO much stress.


I would suggest that if you aren't already following a good budgeting/investing/savings plan that you look at Dave Ramsey's stuff. We do tweak it a bit to fit our situation but it is a very good foundation to work from.

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Oh my goodness, I'm sorry to hear about your DH but am glad he's doing better.


I have been interested in Dave Ramsey's plan lately. We have at least $30K in medical debt (dating back as far as the early 90's). I would love to get things in order for once and for all!


Your story is inspiring :)

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Sorry to hear about your debt.


The Dave Ramsey program might be very helpful for you. We were doing pretty good before we took the class but the class helped us fine tune what we were doing and really PLAN for where our money was going.

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